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This poem is just for fun. Kinda juvenile. Sorry. I banged it out in the ’80’s on a Vendex Head Start computer, my first. It had no hard drive, just two floppy disk slots, one for the program I would be working in and the other to use as the tabula rasa. At any rate, I don’t know whether the “F” keys still do the same thing on current computers.


Old Computer

When words all melt together, “Find the cursor!” laughs the screen.

But when they’re helter skelter, disc error‘s what they mean.

They continually defy me, make me delve into “the Book”.

Dictators, they deprive me, but let’s take another look.

F2 will justify them, “Flush Right!” the sergeant screams.

F6 promises to hide them, but F8 wakes them from their dreams.

Arrows send them hiking onward and can call them back in line.

Page Up lures them to the barracks, Page Down drags them back, quick time.

Cap Lock stands them at attention, Scroll Lock makes them dance a reel.

Num Lock transforms their essence, Ctrl can bend their will.

Shift will make them sit or stand. Print Screen can make them tell.

And if they give me trouble, I’ll Delete them all to Hell!

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pro.cras.ti.na.tion \ p(r) -‘kras-t -,na-sh n\ n

[L procrastinatus, pp. of procrastinare, fr. pro-forward + crastinus of tomorrow, fr. cras tomorrow]

vt: to put off intentionally and habitually: postpone; vi: to put off intentionally and reprehensibly the doing of something that should be done


pro.crustean bed





proc.tol.o.gy   I don’t like where this is going. Perhaps I should take my thumb out.

March, ’89

With apologies to an old Webster’s dictionary which I no longer have.

Webster's Dictionary

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