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Because I am reeling from my recent hit by the big 65, my bucket list has for a few minutes taken precedence over wishes, hopes, ambitions and all else that I might have planned to do in the future. Future being the key word. Of course the list changes constantly as some become less important and others grow in stature. These drops in the bucket are pretty current but are by no means in any kind of order.

My “B” list involves travel to a large degree. For me, sometimes it’s the journey not the end that counts. It also involves music.

1. Visit my daughter Keri-Lynn, her husband Raymond and grandchildren Iva, Cody, Tristan and Benjamin. They live in Kelowna,  BC and I haven’t seen them for three years! They might not wish to see me, however, as I am always late with their Christmas and birthday presents. I sent their Christmas presents two weeks late and in the box I put some clothes I had bought for Ben’s third birthday. He’ll be four in less than a month. (Late flash…Keri called and they fit!) (I finally got there on March 1st and spent two great weeks with the family. It had been SIX years!)

Kelowna Grandkids

Kelowna Grandkids


2. I want to see New Orleans during Mardi Gras, although I’d gladly settle for anytime. I would head straight to a venue that offers Zydeco. That squeeze box makes me feel like dancing!  

3. I would like to tour Ireland. My interest has been sharpened by the books of Fr. Andrew M. Greeley. I found his Nuala Anne McGrail novels, which take place both in modern and historical Chicago and Ireland, fascinating and hilarious. I might consider inviting Michelle along, herself being half Irish. But, in order to make the ticket, she’d have to learn to make cabbage rolls and plum perogies from someone on the Ukrainian side of her family.

4. While in the vicinity, I would certainly go to Scotland and visit the Mull of Kintyre, made famous by Paul McCartney’s beautiful song which draws tears every time I hear it.

5. Speaking of Scotland, I have always wanted to learn to play the bagpipes. I love all kinds of music, but the driving Scottish pipes and the haunting lament of Irish Uilleann pipes fill me with a rush from above my nose to the end of my toes. In my 20’s, I used to haul my stereo outside and crank up Farewell to the Greys, by the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, much to my neighbors’ delight I might add. Especially at 8:00 am after they’d been up partying ’til 4:oo.

6. An absurdly impossible dream, but I’d love Joan Baez to sing her version of Amazing Grace when my family tosses my ashes to the wind.  Or, her cover of The Band’s The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down while I’m still on the way out.  That song tugs pretty hard. Joan Baez is one of my faves.

Joan Baez

Joan Baez

7. Afognak Wilderness Lodge, Seal Bay, Kodiak Alaska. I made some friends several years ago while working in the booth next to that of Shannon Randall and her sons Josh and Luke at various International conventions.  The Randalls own and operate this fabulous lodge which offers photographic opportunities and hunting and fishing purported to be second to none. I salivated whenever they spoke about their lodge and have wanted to visit them ever since. I was awed when Luke described his crab fishing adventures in the Bering Sea years before “Deadliest Catch” aired on TV.   Someday soon.  NO NO! I don’t mean I want to go crab fishing.  www.Afognakwildernesslodge.com

8. I want to reclaim the passion I need to write my best. I for one cannot write without a muse, or at least, passion. 

9. Visit New York City Absolutely fabulous. Been there a few times now, but that’s another blog.

10. Holiday in Maui  Best holiday ever. Whale watching was my favourite pastime. That and drinking Kona coffee and reading on the lanai with my binoculars at my side. I could have done it all day long if it hadn’t been for Michelle dragging me off from one beach to another in an effort to find the most powerful undertow and challenge it to a fight to the death. I think she found it at Big Beach. After a long, drawn out battle she won but it took two young fellows to pull her to her feet. Still, I’d go back in a heart beat.

11.The one that meant the most to me –  getting a hug from my beautiful autistic granddaughter. I sobbed like a baby.

Grandpa and Cyndi at the Cottage

Grandpa and Cyndi at the Cottage

12. I would like to learn to speak Spanish, if for no other reason than as a tribute to the late great Ted Labanowich, the Hamilton Spectator’s horse racing reporter who constantly walked up and down the press box muttering phrases he’d just learned.

Ted Labanowich

Ted Labanowich

That’s it for now. If I don’t stop here, its constant state of flux will make more work for you and me. Thanks for coming!


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